About Us: ERM Consulting

We grow business by building the bridges between go-to-market strategies and tactical execution.


Who we are

ERM consulting is an independently owned global sales enablement agency founded by Eric Rodriguez Martin. Our team is forever curious and wants to transform and improve the performance of your customer-facing teams.

We’re not just consultants—we are partners on your growth journey. We bridge bridging strategy and execution by applying strategy to all the operational pieces. We design and execute sales enablement programs that accelerate the growth of your company.

We work with:

Life science and biotech companies.

B2B companies in the process of global expansion.

Scale-ups and late-stage star-ups.

Where we are

About Us: ERM Consulting

ERM consulting is based out of the Netherlands, but great companies can come from anywhere, so we work with clients from here to Timbuktu. We can work in English or Spanish.

Whether your business is located in Beijing, London, New York, Vancouver, Los Angeles, or Sydney, we’ve got you covered.

We believe

A strategy is nothing without execution.

Humans must be at the centre of any decisions.

In being clear thinking, straight-talking and fast-moving.

In outside-in thinking—that problems cannot be solved with the same thinking we used to create them.

In continuous improvement. We are better than yesterday.

In orchestrating different systems rather than fixing “things.”

That what gets measured, gets done.

Our clients are our partners. We measure our success as one team, together.

That solutions are never one-size-fits-all. Only customized, personalized solutions work.

That people perform by learning, and learn by doing.

Our guiding principles

About Us: ERM Consulting

Pragmatic Problem Solving

We are results-oriented, have a can-do attitude, and always work with the final goal in mind. The end is infinitely more important than the means.

About Us: ERM Consulting

Win by Empowering People

Everyone deserves the opportunity to lead and experiment, to fail as well as to succeed. People are every company’s most important asset.

About Us: ERM Consulting

Integrity in All Circumstances

We do the right thing, for the right reason—every time. Trust follows naturally.

About Us: ERM Consulting

Our Customers’ Goals are Our Goals

We are 100% focused on our customers’ needs and circumstances, which is the only path to growth.

About Eric Rodriguez Martin

Founder & lead consultant

I am a passionate entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in the sales and marketing field.

 What I love is supporting companies of all sizes—small, middle and large sized business—to becoming better at developing and executing commercial and growth strategies. My goal is simple—to help sales and marketing leaders create high performing organizations that accelerate growth.

 What drives me is building meaningful relationships—between you and me, and between you and your customers.

 I believe that success for every business starts by understanding your customer. Success comes when you equip your teams to put the customer at the center of everything you do. The result is clearer insights, better leads, more customers, less internal friction and increased revenue.

It sounds very simple. But for a lot of companies, it’s not.

About Us: ERM Consulting

If you are looking for high-impact sales enablement consultant who is:

 Authentic, values-led, and passionate about connecting the dots.

A bridge-builder between stakeholders, partners and customers.

A natural change agent in an environment of change and innovation.

Continuously looking for better ways to meet customer and organizational goals.

Native to cross-functional, virtual & matrix team environments.

… then contact me and let’s find a way to make it happen!