ERM Consulting: Your challenges


Changing buyer demands.
A complex selling environment.
Execution fog.

Your sales and marketing teams are at war.
You have lots of content, but it’s not being used.

Why ERM consulting?

Do these challenges sound familiar?

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    salespeople →

    processes →

   content →

Your Customers

Your Customers

The number of decision-makers per deal keeps going up.

You lose too many deals to “no decision”.

Want sellers to show how your products and services drive outcomes they value.

Your Salespeople

Know about your product, but only a few can speak to what buyers really care about—their challenges and the business value of your tailor-made solutions.

Are mostly middle performers, but you know with the right tools and training they could become “A-level performers.”

Keep telling you that their biggest challenge is differentiating your company from the competition.

Your Sales People
Your Internal processes

Your Internal processes

Just can’t keep up with the changes in how your customers buy and use your company’s products or services.

Are inefficient, taking nearly a year to get a new employee or partner productive.

Are broken into silos. Your sales and marketing teams don’t know how to work together, and the result is that your customer experience is inconsistent and insufficiently value-driven.

Your content

Is too generic—your value proposition isn’t tailored to specific sales situations or industries.

Doesn’t differentiate between brand messaging and sales messaging, so you’re sending the right messages, but at the wrong time.

Isn’t ready when you need it, so you lose deals you could have won with the right sales content at your fingertips.

Your content

Sales Enablement Consulting:


A sales enablement consultant can help you to increase sales efficiency, effectiveness and productivity by providing integrated content, training, processes and coaching for your salespeople and customer-facing teams.

Sales Enablement Consulting

We bridge the gap between strategy and what salespeople actually say, do and show.

What we offer

About Us: ERM Consulting

Sales training and onboarding services

About Us: ERM Consulting

Sales processes creation and optimisation services

About Us: ERM Consulting

Sales content services

About Us: ERM Consulting

Sales enablement technology

Selection, set-up, and customization of sales enablement platforms

What does a sales enablement consultant do?

Evaluates your current sales operations and processes

Identifies gaps in your sales and marketing plans

Designs and executes sales enablement strategies and plans

Designs and recommends training and sales enablement tools.

Closes the value gap⁺ by aligning processes, teams and content.

Why ERM consulting?

Many companies know their core problems, but have tried and failed to create successful, viable solutions.

ERM consulting brings an outside perspective guiding you through the decisions you need to make for effective sales enablement. This makes the implementation easier, faster and less stressful. 

Sales enablement activities only really work—and stick—if they are highly custom-build, personalized to your unique industry, product, sales process, and company culture. We don’t apply templates or use pre-existing solutions that don’t fit your needs. 

Our method is to start by understanding the root causes of your sales and growth challenges. We then address those challenges holistically, orchestrating and organizing all the different parts of your sales process to work together.

We take a human-centered approach to value creation, for you and for your customers.

Why ERM consulting?