ERM Consulting: solutions

Sales Enablement Strategy

We design and develop custom sales enablement strategies that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales and customer-facing teams, increasing your organization’s revenue.

 We do this by arming reps with content, messaging, processes and tools—along with training and coaching to ensure they use the right assets at the right time in the sales cycle.


Developing a sales enablement charter, which is a strategy document that plans out how you company will enable sales.

Help to align cost and metrics to your enablement strategy and revenue goals.

Development of value-selling strategies and tactics tailored to your services and products.


Expert advice on which sales enablement platforms, technologies and tools are appropriate for your strategy, goals and budget.

Sales Content Programs

Developing a well-defined sales content plan is critical to accelerating sales growth. You probably already have brand and marketing messaging, but sales messaging is distinct, and essential.

We can help you define why, when, and how your sales team uses sales content to engage with buyers. We’ll help you uncover (or create) sales content collateral for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Having compelling, accurate, tailored sales content at their fingertips gives your sales team the confidence they need to have effective sales conversations. With the right content on hand, they can quickly maneuver through changing sales situations in real time.


We don’t just advise, we also create. We’re skilled in creating highly informative, engaging customer-facing content and sales training programs, always tailor-made to your goals and sales processes


Creation of sales messaging and presentations—both strategy and execution.

Developing messaging cheat sheets for your customer-facing employees.

Creating or refining top-level value propositions, like your elevator pitch, value-based storytelling scripts, and value messaging guidelines.

Measurement—how content is being used, and assessing its impact.

Sales and Marketing Team Alignment

We help you bring your sales and marketing together to create a joint framework that supports agreement on strategies, goals, activities, practices—and most importantly—common KPIs.

Achieving sales and marketing team alignment means ensuring both of your customer-facing teams focus on your customers’ needs, and that alignment is measured by the right metrics of success.


Sales & Marketing alignment.

Additional alignment services.

Service-Level Agreement (SLA) development, alignment and implementation.

Consulting with your teams to write “territory playbooks” which clearly delineate the tactics for every key account/ customer group.

Sales Process Optimization and Consulting

Align your sales process with your buyer’s journey and incorporate it into your sales tools.

We design sales processes adapted to the modern buyer by using value-based sales methodologies. We don’t do templated approaches—every strategy and approach we design is built for your company’s needs, fits your company’s culture, and is tailored towards your success.


Defining your sales cycle to gain clarity on what and how you sell—broken down by market and by Key Account


Creating sales tools like discovery questions and visit planning, unique differentiation sheets, competitor battle cards, product features with benefits, objection handling and relationship maps.

Identifying and fixing any mismatch, misalignment or gaps between your sales process and your buyers’ journey.

Finding and addressing the causes of too-long sales cycles and low conversion rates.

Salesperson Onboarding and Training Programs

We believe that people are your greatest asset. Having a consistent program for new sales hires enhances their performance and retention—the result is productive, dedicated, engaged and happy employees.

We design and help you to implement structured onboarding and training programs for your customer-facing employees, including programs to get them ready before day one, running start programs (30-60-90 days) and individual development path strategies.


New hire onboarding and ramp programs, including virtual solutions.

Creating sales playbooks and role-specific playbooks to train salespeople in your customer journey.

Hands-on “what to do if” and “learning on the job” training and content tailored and organized along the phases of your customer journey.

Help developing an internal knowledge management strategy, and help with execution and selecting the right tools for the job.

Sales Kick-Off Experiences

A sales kick-off helps motivate your sales teams and partners to achieve their targets.

A sales kick-off creates a fun, interactive experience—enhancing your team’s knowledge and skills with gamification and networking that sticks

We design and facilitate interactive and enriching sales kick-offs which educate, motivate and celebrate the success of your salesforce—and then follow-up activities after the event which sustain the momentum created.



Advising and creating product, program and strategy launches to ensure a successful rollout.

Moving from product launches to program launches and setting up of value-selling experiences.

Engaging learning activities that don’t bore your salespeople—and which support your business objectives fully

Organizing and facilitating team and culture-building events and communications strategies to energize and align your teams.